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Talk at PKN033

06/04/2010 by Roel Wessels

Innerbrand attended the Marketing & Design 2010 convention in Amersfoort at April 1st 2010. We gave a presentation during the last part of the convention, during the PechaKucha. The central theme was: ‘I made it sell’.

Pim Jonkman discussed some of the problems that producers and designers face during the process of translating brand identity into visual product design. We explained how our Visual Brand Language (VBL) Tool and can give you insight in the match between your brand identity and the required visual brand language. We gave insight in how our tools will help you design better products by ensuring a match between your brand identity and your visual brand language, which is especially useful during the first part of the design process.

Furthermore, we showed a preview of our upcoming Brand Identity Analysis Dashboard. This tool will help you analyse your own visual brand language and also compare it to how other players in your industry translate their brand values visually.

You can view Pim’s presentation (in Dutch) below. Enjoy!

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